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DS4Windows is Your One-Stop Solution to connecting your PlayStation DualShock 4 controller with a Windows PC through a virtual emulator gamepad.

Say Good Bye to all compatibility/connectivity issues as DS4 Windows is there to connect all your DualShock Controllers (DualShock 3/4, DualSense 5) in a single go!

Why Choose DS4Windows for Connecting PS4/PS5 Controllers?

The main problem with connecting a DualShock 4 or DualSense 5 controller to a Windows PC is that it will not connect directly.
Facing errors like Device Not Found or even if it gets connected with some effort, you may face input lag errors while using the PS4/PS5 controllers.
To avoid all such issues, DS4Windows offers an easy solution by connecting the DS4/DS5 controllers to the Windows PC.
The portable program is free to download and configure. With this application, you can customize the virtual gamepad and play your favorite games with reduced latency and input lag.
Not only that, but the application converts your controller into a virtual Xbox controller, thus making your PC believe that you are actually using an Xbox controller.
Here are some other reasons to choose DS4Windows as your next connectivity software for PlayStation 4 and 5 controllers:

Those who think DS4Win is only for the controllers are taking this program for granted. You can also remap or re-customize your keyboard keys or mouse buttons with DS4 Windows PS5 software. The program includes customizing the joysticks, lightbar, rumble, or vibration of the controller as well as the motion sensors.

All in all, DS4Windows is indeed the best input mapper available out there that allows you to connect and configure controllers, joysticks, keyboards, mice, and whatnot.

DS4 Windows Screenshots

Features and Requirements for DS4 Windows

Once you install the software and connect your DS4/DS5 controller with it, the program will convert the working of the “real gamepad” into a virtual/emulated pad. When that happens, you can customize the controller as per your will and wish.

What’s the benefit? You may ask! Well, doing this will allow you to:
Use your PlayStation controllers to play any PC game you want.
Use the DS4/DS5 controllers in games where only Xbox controllers are accepted.

Keeping in mind that many PC games do not support the PlayStation controllers, DS4Windows can trick the PC into considering that it’s the Xbox controller via virtual gamepad.

DS4Win, on the other hand, is completely customizable. You can add multiple effects on your controllers, keyboards, mice, and joysticks, without any hassle.

Not only that, but you can also remap the configuration of controllers. Adding special effects, tweaking the behavior of the special keys, and customizing lightbars is also possible.

DS4 controller when connected through Bluetooth and configured via DS4Win cannot be recognized by PC as a PlayStation controller. Since you have not connected it via USB port, you can trick the system and play any game you want with an immersive experience.

Some of the major features that this program offers include:
Converting a DualShock 4/DualSense 5 controller into X360 input to help gamers enjoy playing games with rumble.

Utilize the same program for remapping or configuring each key/ button of the controller according to gamers’ requirements.
The program also allows using the touchpad for multiple actions. You can also configure it to use as a mouse.

DS4 Windows program can help you configure the sixaxis movement for as many functions as you want.
Controlling the lightbar and adjusting it according to the battery level is also possible.

Map the exact 360 controls using the program.
You can create and save custom profiles. Switch to any profile you want according to the prerequisites of the game you are playing.
You can also switch the profiles automatically as soon as a certain game or program is launched.

Accessing a new set of controls is possible just by holding a certain action.

Get new updates on DS4 windows GitHub as soon as it’s been released by the community.

Here are some of the requirements to install DS4Windows without facing any issues on your PC:

Compatible OS: Windows 10 or Windows 11
Microsoft .NET 4.8 or higher (No need to download if installed already)

Visual C++ 2015-2019 for x64/x86 based systems.
ViGEmBus Driver (DS4Win will install this driver on your PC)
Microsoft 360 Drivers (Installation link available inside the program. No need to install if you’ve already used a 360 controller on your PC)
A Sony DualShock 4 or DualSense 5 controller. (You can also connect JoyCon, PlayStation Switch Pro, etc.)

You can find all the latest releases and updates to the program here.

Download the source code of the program for free from GitHub