Everyone acknowledges that DS4Windows is the best application when it comes to connecting physical controllers to your Gaming PC.

However, for some reason, if the app doesn’t work on your side, there are some alternatives that you can try to get the job done.

This guide will explore all such softwares that could be used as an alternative to DS4Win app as follows:

Top 5 DS4Windows Alternatives for Gamers in 2022


These alternatives may sometime work properly but they could also malfunction and cause errors.

Hence, we always recommend the real DS4/DS5Windows app to make sure that you can connect your DualShock controllers to the PC easily.

Let’s get started:

Input Mapper


Input Mapper is one of the best alternatives to DS4Win app as it takes some of the qualities of DS4 along with its earlier versions and ensures an easy interface for the users.

The software was first meant for mapping between the Xbox 360 controller and the DualShock4 controller.

That said, the advantage of using Input Mapper is that it ensures compatibility with games that only allow the XInput.

Good news about InputMapper is that it can now support multiple input devices and can map it out to different output devices without any hassle.

Given the fact that it’s been intertwined with advanced macro and micro customization and configuration options, the latest DS4 alternative can easily change the device type.

Not only that, but it can also transform the inputs and apply the changes accordingly.

You can download and install Input Mapper from the given link below:




Another efficient alternative to the DS4Windows software is Xpadder. What we loved the most about this app is that this game emulator offers complete freedom to gamers.

You can connect and configure multiple controllers and can virtually remap it without any hassle.

The app offers same experience as using a real Joystick. Plus, you can configure a number of keys and get it virtually remapped without any hassle.

Moreover, the developer behind Xpadder is Jonathan; however, little is known about him. The only known info about Jonathan is that he was the one who stepped up and developed an alternative to DS4 to help the fellow gamers out there.

You can download and install Xpadder here:




DualSenseX is the latest software to tackle the issues caused by DualSenseX controller, i.e. the official controller of PlayStation 5.

With a robust and easy-to-use UI and UX, the software is specifically made for gamers who want their Dual Sense controllers to get connected and virtually remapped in no time.

With this software, you can easily configure features like Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback, all thanks to Paliverse who developed this software.



Got an Xbox One controller that you cannot connect to DS4Windows for some reason?

reWASD is there to help you out as it’s specifically made to virtually remap the Xbox One controllers

The app was created while keeping the Xbox Elite Series in mind. It caters to the needs of gamers who want to connect their Xbox Elite controllers to their gaming PCs.

Full of configuration and customization settings, reWASD ensures that the controller you are connecting can be remapped according to the demands of the gamer.

It can easily transform a normal gamepad into a Macro Controller, all due to its Key Combo function. Moreover, you can also do customization like adding a Turbo button or Toggling a key with “Rapid Fire”. Gamers can also switch the controls with the Advance Mapping option.

Apart from Xbox One controller, what makes reWASD a perfect alternative to DS4windows is that it also allows configuring the DualShock 4 controller on PC. Moreover, the app allows you to divide your virtual touchpad into zones, thus you can easily add four different mappings to it without any worries.

Support for the Nintendo Switch Pro is also offered in the latest 4.0 upgrade of reWASD, therefore, allowing you to use Switch Pro while playing different PC games.

Download and install reWASD from here:


Steam’s Built-In Mapper


When nothing works, the built-in Steam mapper is here to take care of you. Be it an Xbox controller, a PlayStation one, or even a Steam controller, you can always remap the individual buttons using the virtual gamepad from Steam.

Although this feature was officially ruled out on January 18, 2017, this DS4 alternative now allows you to remap the buttons of Xbox as well as the PlayStation controllers.

You can use the inbuilt mapper by Steam here: