We all know that DS4Windows is software that helps convert your real controller into a virtual gamepad to allow you to play games on PCs and laptops.

However, the program is not limited to PS4 controllers only. There are a plethora of other controllers and gamepads that can be configured virtually using DS4Windows app.

We will discuss all of the supported DS4 controllers today to check the type of compatibility that the software offers in 2022.

Have a look:

DS4 Supported Controllers and Gamepads List (Updated) in 2022

Supported Controller

Controller Version

Additional Notes

DualShock4 (DS4) v.1

The very first forked release compatible with DS4Windows.

DualShockS4 (DS4) v.2


Jay2Kings originally added the support for this controller in DS4Win.

DualShock3 (DS3)


Requires the DsHidMini driver to work properly with DS4Windows.

DualSense5 (DS5)

Support offered with rumble as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Sony Wireless Adapter


It was added originally by Jay2Kings in DS4Win software.

Razer Raiju


Compatible with the software according to latest update.

Hori PS4 Mini controller


Gets connected to the DS4Win app without any hassle.

PS4 Fun Controller


No problems detected while connecting this controller with the app.

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition


The tournament version of this controller is now compatible with DS4.
Razer Raiju Ultimate

Ultimate version of Razer Raiju is now supported by DS4Win.

Steel Play Metaltech P4 gamepad (wired)


Connectivity and configuration of the gamepad is possible via software.

Hori Fighting Commander


Fighting commander controller could also be configured via DS4win.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro

Connectible to DS4Windows with required drivers.

Nacon Revolution Pro v3


Possible to connect and configure with the latest 3.1.3 update of DS4.

Nacon Revolution Infinite


Connectible to DS4Windows with required drivers.

Astro C40

No issues detected while connecting the controller with DS4windows.

Specialist PS4 controllers


The latest version offers compatibility with Three Specialist PS4 controllers.

SnakeByte GamePad

You can easily connect and configure SnakeByte Gamepad to DS4Win
Switch Pro
Switch Pro is now connectible to DS4Win via USB or Bluetooth.

Switch JoyCon

JoyCon already has the support and compatibility from DS4Win.
Gioteck VX4
Gioteck VX4 is also compatible with DS4Windows.

Some details about the connectivity and compatibility of supported controllers are as follows:

DS3 – DualShock 3 Controller

  • DS3 or DualShock 3, i.e. the PlayStation 3 controller has compatibility with DS4Win, but it does require the DsHidMini driver.
  • Plus, you will need to open the DS4Windows mode in order for the controller to work properly.
  • For Bluetooth connectivity, you will need BthPS3. To configure it out, simply head towards the DsHidMini driver installation guide.
  • Rumble will work normally.
  • The DS4Win does not support pressure sensitive buttons for DualShock 3 controller.
  • You can also configure and control the LEDs by setting accurate lightbar colors. Learn More.
  • Other motion-related functions are also not supported.
  • For wireless connectivity, make sure that you have the Bluetooth 2.0+ version installed.

DS4 – DualShock 4 PlayStation Controller

  • DS4Windows was originally designed to support the DualShock4 controller. Hence, all controller features could be configured through the app except the inbuilt headphone jack and speaker.
  • You can only use the headphone jack via USB connectivity. For that, a DS4v2 connection is required and it has no connection with DS4Win app.
  • Headphone jack, on the other hand, could be used wirelessly if you have connected the controller via Sony’s DS4 wireless adapter.
  • A Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR or higher connectivity is required for DS4win to connect wirelessly with DualShock 4 controller.

DS5 – DualSense 5 PlayStation Controller

  • DS4Windows supports almost all features and commands of the DualSense5 controller.
  • You can use headphone or microphone jack only through USB, i.e. through the native gamepad function.
  • You can use adaptive triggers but only in a limited form.
  • Only normal rumble is common as there is no support for an advanced rumble.
  • For wireless connectivity, DS5 controller requires Bluetooth 2.1+ or higher.

JoyCon Controller

  • You cannot control the LEDs through a virtual gamepad.
  • Only normal rumble works as there is no support for HD rumble feature.
  • Ds4Win supports motion sensors of the JoyCon controller.
  • NFC is not supported yet.
  • Since ZR and ZL are buttons and not actual triggers, you may face difficulties while playing games that utilize analog triggers.
  • Bluetooth 2.1+ or higher is required if you want to connect JoyCon to DS4windows wirelessly.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

  • LED lights cannot be controlled or configured.
  • DS4Win supports the motion sensor feature of the Switch Pro.
  • The software does not offer support for NFC.
  • Difficult to play games that utilize analog triggers because ZR and ZL are not triggers.
  • For wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1+ or higher is required.

Support for Replica or Copy Cat Controllers

Some ifs are involved when we talk about the replicas or the copycat controllers supported by DS4Windows.

Here we go:

  • If a controller is a complete replica of its original counterpart, then DS4Windows will connect to it without causing any problems.
  •  In case the gamepad is different from the original controller in terms of its VID or PID, the software will simply ignore it. Keep in mind that DS4Windows can recognize a controller only if its VID/PID is listed on the DS4W code.
  • So, if you are using a copycat controller and you want it to connect to DS4Windows, it may or may not connect.
  • That’s the main reason we recommend using only the original controller as replicas are not reliable nor durable.
  • If you still want information about connecting a replica to DS4Win, you can share all relevant details with us and we’ll try to figure out the settings for you accordingly.

Final Takeaways: DS4Windows Supported Controllers

That was all about the list of supported controllers compatible with DS4Windows.

As Ryochan7 introduces new versions of the app with new features, we will continue to update the list to make sure that it can help you out in every possible way.

Happy Gaming with the DS4Windows app!