This guide focuses on how you can troubleshoot or fix the problems related to DS4Windows software while connecting your controllers to it.
Bear in mind that the guide offers solutions to all the problems such as crashing, not opening, or failing to recognize controllers.
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DS4Windows General Issues

DS4Windows Won’t Open/Start/Crash/Fail to Save Settings

The most common issue a gamer can face about DS4Windows is the inability of the software to open. It may not open silently, will crash, or will not start at all. When that happens, you will get an error message on the Log.

  • Follow the guide on DS4Windows not working: Opening and Starting Issues to resolve this problem.

DS4Windows Unable to Detect PS4/PS5 Controller

Another problem that gamers might face regarding the program is that it’s unable to recognize the compatible DualShock or DualSense controllers.

For that purpose, check the following guides:

  • DS4Windows not detecting PS4/PS5 Controller
  • Bluetooth connection issues with DS4Windows.

Games Not Recognizing the Virtual Controller

In this case, everything runs smoothly but your game. That is, it fails to recognize the virtual controller you just created with DS4Win app.

  • Follow the guide on Games not recognizing the virtual controller to resolve this problem.

Controller Not Behaving When Detected In-Game

When a game recognizes the controller but the virtual gamepad is not working as expected, then:

  • It usually comes down to the double input problem, i.e. it was not prevented and the gamer is using a misconfigured profile. The physical controller you use may also be faulty.
  • For more info, check out the Controller not behaving correctly during the game guide.

Mouse and Keyboard Remapping Related Problems

For that purpose, follow our guide on Fixing Keyboard and Mouse Remapping issues to resolve this problem in case you are facing it.

In case you want a finely-tuned profile to find the best possible keyboard or mouse remapping, it’s not available as of now.

DS4Windows Double Input Problems

Double input problem is pretty much common when running DS4Win app. The problem arises when the software detects both physical and virtual controllers. Thus the program receives two commands whenever you press a button on your physical controller.

With this problem, you won’t be able to play any games. Here are some restrictions you will face due to the double input problem:

  • Detecting every command twice thus making a game unplayable.
  • Starting the 2-player mode randomly on games like Tekken.
  • Double Input ignores the virtual controller because it connected the physical controller first.
  • Responds incorrectly to controller’s input. That usually happens because even if the game is reading the virtual controller’s command correctly, it’s not able to read the real controller’s commands.
  • The software will not respond to any controller input at all. It happens because the DS4Windows app has detected the real controller first.
  • There are many ways to prevent the Double Input from happening, but one of the most common ones is to hide the real controller. This way, the program will only show a virtual controller to the games and that will help you enjoy playing games without any hassle.

You can also check out the HidHide Guide if you do not know how to hide a physical controller in DS4Win app.

Relationship between DS4Windows and Steam

  • Both Steam and DS4Win app have the ‘controller remapping’ functions available, so issues may arise when you are trying to play Steam games on DS4 virtual controller.
  • To avoid any problem, simply disable all options related to Steam Controller so that only the DS4 virtual controller gets detected.
  • Doing this will make sure that you can enjoy most of the games on Steam with DS4Windows only. Some games such as Horizon Zero Dawn may require complete controller support, but that’s solvable too.
  • Steam usually ignores the DualShock 4 or Dual Sense X controllers be it real or virtual when it detects that DS4 software is active. It will not make any difference because if you have properly configured DS4Windows, almost every game will detect it without any hassle.
  • Some problems that may arise due to this behavior of Steam towards DS4Windows include:
    • PlayStation controllers, i.e. both virtual and real may not be able to control the Big Picture Interface. (Xbox controllers may work fine as usual).
    • Few games such as Horizon Zero Dawn may require the usage of a Steam virtual controller. But if it’s already disabled, you will not be able to play the game through a virtual controller and it has no solution.
  • You can enable Steam to prevent DS4Windows detection, but it’s quite technical and is only possible when you apply the Running DS4Windows under a custom .exe name technique.
  • Even with this solution, there may be a conflict between Steam and DS4Windows about controller remapping and the functions may not work as expected.

Headphone and Microphone Problems with Connected Controller

To sort out the headphone or microphone issues, simply visit the specific Headphone and Mic troubleshooting page.